Elope at Garden of the Gods

Why choose Garden of the Gods?

Because, Garden of the Gods is one of the most amazing places to elope in Colorado Springs and Colorado. It boasts a range of stunning views from unique red rock formations to soaring mountains in the background.

In addition, it is an incredible place to hike, drive, rock climb, mountain bike, horse ride, and walk on your elopement day.

6 Reasons to Elope at Garden of the Gods

  • Stunning views. Do you want mountains and unique red rock formations? Garden of the Gods is for you. You’ll have the mountain backdrop but also cool red rocks. Desert and mountain vibes.
  • No Permits. Currently, you don’t need a permit to hold your ceremony at Garden of the Gods. It’s first in, first served kind of place.
  • The Park is Free. Garden of the Gods was gifted to the state with the requirement that it will always be a free park. Therefore, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to explore and hold your elopement here!
  • Activities. You can hike, walk, drive around, rock climb, boulder, horse back ride, trail run, and mountain bike in this awesome park. There are plenty of activities you can do here for your elopement day!
  • Wheelchair Accessible. The park has many paved footpaths and wheelchair ramps that can accommodate anyone with limited mobility.
  • Dog friendly. Garden of the Gods is dog friendly for anyone who wants to bring their fur babies on their adventure elopement. Dogs need to be on leash.
Married at Garden of the Gods

Which airport is better for Garden of the Gods?

The most convenient airport is Colorado Springs Airport which is a 24min drive to Garden of the Gods.

Another option would be Denver Airport however you will have to drive an hour south from the airport to Garden of the Gods on i-25.

i-25 is notorious for it’s heavy traffic so be mindful that it might take longer than an hour to drive down from Denver Airport.

How do I elope in Garden of the Gods?

One of the most best parts about eloping in Colorado is that you can self solemnize. What does that mean? It means that you can get married without an officiant and/or witness.

In addition, your pet can even sign your marriage license!

Here is a blog that goes more into depth about self-solemnization in Colorado.

You can get married at Garden of the Gods without an officiant or witness. You’ll get your marriage license from the Colorado Springs’ DMV. We’ll hold your ceremony at the park. You’ll sign your marriage license and mail it to them afterwards.

Also, I am ordained so I can guide you through your ceremony.

Rock climbing Garden of the Gods

Best Garden of the Gods Intimate Wedding and Elopement Locations

  • Highpoint Overlook – This is one of the best places to elope in Garden of the Gods. The parking lot is big however it can be very busy during the summer time. You’ll get views of Garden of the Gods, mountains, and Pikes’ Peak.
  • Jaycee Plaza – You can have an intimate wedding here with your guests. It is in the middle of the park but it’s easily accessible with bathrooms near the parking lot. Wheelchair accessible. You will have views mostly of the inside of Garden of the Gods.
  • Sentinel Plaza – This place is near unique red rock formations but it’s right next to the footpath so you’ll have a lot of people passing by. Wheelchair accessible.
  • Three Graces Plaza – This area is off the paved path. It is more open with the red rocks soaring above you.
  • Scotsman Picnic – This is a little further away from the cool rock formations you’ll see. But it’s a great place for a picnic/brunch/lunch with the family after your ceremony.
  • South Spring Canyon Area – This area is closer to the Trading Post. A cute area for a picnic with family and friends. You can see mountains from this area.
  • HIDDEN GEMS – I will give a list of other amazing locations in Garden of the Gods that isn’t listed here as they are hidden gems for my couples.

Best time of the year to get married at Garden of the Gods

Winter in Colorado Springs (December – March)

Winter on the front range is super unpredictable. You might get snowy days where you’ll experience the red rocks covered in snow. It’s such a beautiful contrast! Otherwise, you can get days where it’s sunny and 60F.

If Garden of the Gods does get some snow, know that the city will plow all the roads so it’s still super accessible after a snow storm.

If you want to avoid crowds, then winter at Garden of the Gods is a great time to elope. There will be less people in the park. Not to mention that the park has a lot of pine trees so you’ll still get green trees all year round.

Spring in Colorado Springs (April – June)

Colorado Springs starts to get warmer and greener. That being said, we can still experience rain, snow storms, and hail during this time too.

Summer in Colorado Springs (July – August)

Summer is a great time to elope in Colorado Springs – it’s warm, wildflowers are blooming, and great weather. However, it is one of the busiest times in Garden of the Gods. There are a lot of tourists that come to visit this awesome park.

I’d recommend having a sunrise elopement to avoid the crowds and also have places to park.

One thing to also remember is that Colorado in the summer is prone to thunderstorms in the late afternoon/evening. It usually doesn’t last long but it’s something to be aware of.

Fall in Colorado Springs (September – November)

Another great season to elope in Garden of the Gods because you can expect cooler weather but we can get random snow storms. The surrounding area will have Fall colors on the ground. There aren’t any aspen trees in Garden of the Gods as the park mostly have pine trees.

Moody elopement at Garden of the Gods

Things to know about getting married at Garden of the Gods

  • No Structures Allowed – You cannot bring arches, tables, large props, decorations, etc to the park. However, you can bring a fold up chair for the elderly or with limited mobility people.
  • Dogs must be leashed – Dogs must be on leash at all times in the park.
  • No Alcohol Allowed – No alcohol is allowed in the park.
  • Leave No Trace – Confetti, rice, etc cannot be used and sprinkled. Don’t feed the wildlife. Pack everything up.
  • First in, First Served – You cannot reserve a ceremony spot so it’s based on first in and first served situation.
  • Rock Climbing Permit – If you are having a rock climbing elopement, you will need to get a permit from the city. It’s free and can be done online in a matter of minutes.

Ready to have an elopement at Garden of the Gods?

You’ve read through this ultimate guide on how to elope at Garden of the Gods and you think this is the perfect place for your wedding. Let’s make this happen! Lastly, fill out my contact form to get the planning started!

I’ll reply to your form and we can get the ball rolling with the planning!

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