Business Coach for Photographers

Hi Friend! I’m Vivian!

I teach women how to build and scale their photography businesses from 0-6 figures through a variety of strategies they can implement so they can have financial freedom.

I built a successful elopement photography business where I get to photograph couples in dream locations, have a flexible schedule, go on a lot of holidays, and earn 5 figures and more.

My journey started as a viral Instagram dog account where I worked with a lot of brands as a micro-influencer and a UGC creator.

I pivoted into elopement photography without knowing anyone and have been full-time without needing a second job since I started 3+ years ago.

I would love to help you do the same in your photography business!

How the heck did I start my elopement photography business?

A lot of trial and error! I wish I had someone like me in my back pocket. I have researched a lot and experimented a lot to get where I am today. Now my average booking is $6,000 for an elopement because I have perfected my clients’ experience and consistently get 5 star reviews.

If you are struggling with anything from marketing, SEO, client calls, websites, inquiries, etc. Book me for a zoom call so I can go through any of your problems and get them fixed so you can start your amazing elopement photography business and become full-time.

Let me help you start building a successful business!