Elopement at Garden of the Gods in May

Courtney and Chase wanted to elope in the middle of May in Colorado. They were looking for a place that wouldn’t snow or at least have minimal snow as they were coming from Florida and didn’t want their wedding to be too cold. I recommended to have their elopement at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It has beautiful red rock formations, mountains, less crowds in May, and easy access to Colorado Springs airport.

After showing them a few locations in Garden of the Gods for their ceremony, portrait session, etc. They loved the idea so we got to planning their elopement at Garden of the Gods!

Courtney and Chase started their wedding day by getting ready at Garden of the Gods Resort where I took their photos. Courtney wore her mom’s old wedding dress but had it altered to suit her style too. The decorations were from her parents’ wedding too! So sweet!

Courtney gave both her mother, mother in law, and father gifts to show them how much she loves them and that she was happy they were able to come for their elopement.

We had Courtney and her dad have their first look outside their condo. Then we drove separately to the First Look location at Garden of the Gods for Courtney and Chase’s first look. I set Chase up before running back to get Courtney. They had their first look on a secluded trail. It was so beautiful!

Garden of the Gods Ceremony

After their first look, we took a few photos at the same location before getting on another trail to meet the rest of the guests at a nearby location.

Courtney’s dad walked her “down the aisle” to Chase who was waiting for her with their guests and his brother who was the officiant.

Their ceremony was so beautiful. We had the mountains in the backdrop with cool red rock formations. The guests celebrated their love in a wild epic place. Everyone cried at their ceremony.

After Their Ceremony

After their ceremony, Courtney and Chase wanted some time to themselves so I took them on some easy hikes around Garden of the Gods where they could explore the park and we could get some epic photos.

The beauty about having your family at your elopement is that you can make some time to also spend with your partner so you can experience your day with just the two of you too.

You will never have time with your partner in a big traditional wedding setting because you have to abide to a strict timeline which never allows alone time. Doesn’t sound fun, right? That is why you can create a day with the people who is most important to you and also have time with your partner too when you elope!

Courtney and Chase explored and hiked Garden of the Gods for the rest of the day until sunset. What a magical elopement at Garden of the Gods!

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